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The Kanopi Research Initiative (KRI)™

At Kanopi, we’ve made it our mission to help brands and consumers make more sustainable choices in their everyday lives. We know we can’t solve the climate crisis overnight but each one of us must make progress today if we’re to succeed.

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What we're doing

One of the steps we’ve taken is the funding of extensive research into green consumerism in the UK and Ireland. We’re conducting primary research over the next 12 months, which covers:

  • Buyer behavior

  • Consumer trends

  • Brand communication strategies

We plan to share our findings of the KRI each quarter with brands and the general public. We’ll also be turning this research into educational content for brands and consumers – guiding them on how to make more sustainable choices when it comes to online shopping. The insight will allow us to build better products that support global climate initiatives.

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Student and Graduate Recruitment

As part of the KRI, we’re actively working with both students and graduates of some of the UK’s leading universities and institutions.

We have active research roles such as interns and ambassadors who are typically studying Environmental Policy and Sustainability programmes. Their work in promoting the research has been invaluable but we need more support and we welcome students and graduates of all studies.

If you would like to join Kanopi in a research role, then please submit your application below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be studying sustainability?

No. We welcome applications from all areas of study.

Will I receive a reference letter from Kanopi?

Yes. We provide all participants with a reference of employment with additional overview of the projects and initiatives you have supported.

Is the role remote?

Yes, we are a remote-first company.

Contact Us

If you would like to discuss an area of research in more detail, please contact George Spain-Warner or Danny Asling.

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