Our Mission

Accelerate conscious consumerism for the masses.

The Rise of Green Consumerism

Climate change is the greatest issue we face today.

We believe there’s still time to turn things around but all of us must change our daily habits if we’re to succeed. As humans, our achilles heel is consumption. Choosing to consume at will without any accountability or consequence.

At Kanopi, we believe the biggest contributor is shopping. Last year, the planet spent $5.2 trillion buying products online. We’re forecast to hit $8 trillion by 2026. The impact this activity is having on the planet is astronomical.

Something must change.

That change starts today by making brands more accountable for their carbon footprint and educating consumers on more sustainable alternatives. We created Kanopi to accelerate this process and make things better by empowering individuals everywhere to have a positive impact whilst they shop.

Our Methodology

We’ve invested in a world-class advisory board to guide us through this process. We review our brand policy each quarter to ensure we’re on the right path and creating the biggest impact possible.

We’re not trying to solve every problem. The most important thing today is progress.

If we can make brands accountable, and encourage change, then that’s a step in the right direction. It’s our mission to continuously educate consumers and provide good reasons to choose more sustainable alternatives every day. This alone will not solve the climate crisis but we believe it will change global shopping habits and fund meaningful sustainability initiatives.

Our Philosophy

We don’t believe in shaming consumers or brands for their practices.

If you’re going to shop from a major retailer, it’s better to use Kanopi and offset some of your environmental impact. Our product exists to make consumers more conscious of their impact and choose more sustainable alternatives.

When it comes to brands, we choose not to work with any that support social issues such as child labour, low pay or unsafe working conditions. No human should be subjected to such conditions at the cost of our consumption, and we will never support these choices.

Our philosophy is that no individual or brand is perfect today. Striving for perfection is unhealthy and unrealistic. It’s better we all aim for progress, one small step at a time.

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