Become a green consumer, and save money when you shop.

Kanopi is the browser extension that automagically helps you find the best promo codes and cashback, whilst contributing to global climate initiatives with every purchase.

  • Use the best promo codes.

  • Discover sustainable alternatives.

  • Make a difference.

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How Kanopi Works


Add in seconds

It takes a few clicks to install Kanopi. Free and easy.


Save when you shop

We automatically apply coupons and cashback to your cart when you shop from everyday brands.


Make a difference

With every purchase, you’ll automatically contribute to global climate initiatives. Zero cost to you but meaningful impact.

1,000+ Global Brands

Save money and contribute to global climate initiatives every time you shop online with your favourite brands. You’ll also discover more sustainable alternatives as you browse with Kanopi.

Kanopi Island

Discover the magic of Kanopi Island, a captivating browser-based game that has a real-world environmental impact.

As you embark on this immersive journey, you'll have the chance to restore the delicate ecosystems of Kanopi Island, plagued by the same ecological challenges our planet faces today. From wildfires and pollution to deforestation and rising sea levels, every mission you complete helps make a tangible difference in the fight against climate change.

As you progress through exciting missions, you'll earn valuable CO2 offsets and seeds, our unique in-game currency that can be exchanged for real cash. Each milestone you reach in CO2 offsets brings life back to Kanopi Island, restoring its ecosystems and contributing to a brighter, greener future for all.

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Great to see an organisation create something modern, allowing a large target audience to use and play a part in saving the planet.

Aimee F.

A great way to encourage sustainable shopping by offering cash-back initiatives.

Amy H.

I care about sustainability, love to shop, and like saving money if possible so it's a great combo for me!

Katharina S.

Easy and innovative way to help the planet while consuming!

Pippa W.

Modern forward-thinking organization that also considers the impact on our environment

Žaneta S.

A great platform for saving money and is having good steps towards sustainability

Gurbachan K.

A great product especially for students as it provides easy tracking and also gives vouchers which saves money.

Ann T.

​​Climate-friendly, sustainable online shopping, e-commerce heaven.

Irakli M.

A great and easy way to discover sustainable brands. It also justifies purchases during a time that costs of goods have gone up, given the added value and opportunity to support ESG initiatives.

Jose V.

Why Use Kanopi

Climate change is the greatest issue we face today.

At Kanopi, we believe there is still time to turn things around. This starts with changing our habits such as shopping.

We’re here to help you do your part, one purchase at a time.

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