A place where everyone is empowered to do their part for the planet while shopping. And rewarded for their efforts.

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Our Ethos

Whether you’re a seasoned eco-warrior or someone taking their first steps to reduce their environmental impact, we believe your efforts should be applauded and encouraged.

With Kanopi you can...…

  • have a positive impact on the environment while shopping.

  • discover inspiring sustainable brands.

  • learn more about conscious consumerism.

  • get educated on how to take a step in the right direction.

No matter where you are on your sustainability journey, Kanopi is here for you.

Our Goals


Inspire the people everywhere to think more about their consumption habits.


Gradually drive consumers towards planet-friendly brands and habits.


Serve the sustainably-minded consumers on their mission to discover the best eco-friendly alternatives.


Create a new wave of conscious consumers.

Our Impact

Kanopi ESG Mandate™

We believe everyone should be working together to tackle climate change. Today, we’re focused on empowering brands and consumers to make a difference.

Kanopi when making a purchase online, they’re directly adding to the fund and contributing to positive change.

We’ve created the Kanopi ESG Mandate™ to help fund global climate initiatives such as forestry, wildlife, the environment, and many other critical areas. Every time someone uses Kanopi when making a purchase online, they’re directly adding to the fund and contributing to positive change.

We’re proud to support global Gold Standard ↗ climate initiatives and we’re on a mission to accelerate these efforts by empowering our partners to contribute. Every quarter we’ll be totalling up everyone’s contributions and donating to our partner initiatives.


Our mission is making our future, a place to thrive.

We all play our part in the climate crisis and the best chance we stand is together.

George Spain-Warner

Chief Executive Officer

Danny Asling

Chief Marketing Officer

Josh Carter

Chief Technology Officer

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