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Sustainability Researcher

Get marketing and sustainability experience at a new green-tech startup.

About Kanopi

Kanopi is a green tech start-up that enables consumers to discover free, simple, and cost-saving ways to do their part for the planet while shopping.

Our sustainability platform helps shoppers find the best discounts and cashback online whilst contributing to global ESG initiatives. Think of us like the Ecosia of shopping and Honey for the planet.

Our company has recently launched an ambassador programme as part of its mission to reduce 20% of every shopper’s CO2 emissions each year.

The programme is designed for UK students / recent graduates with a keen interest in sustainability and marketing. Anyone can apply for this role.

How it Works

  • Join the Kanopi Research Initiative.

  • Execute on a range of market research projects to identify trends in green consumerism across the UK and Ireland.

  • Deploy marketing activities that drive interest in the research Kanopi is publishing incl. buyer behavior, consumer trends, and retail communication strategies.


  • Conduct qualitative and quantitative market research.

  • Publish research findings with consumers and brands.

  • Educate fellow students and graduates on campus with digital materials.

  • Encourage friends, family, and fellow students to participate in change.

About You

  • You’re looking for some hands-on work experience

  • You’re interested in marketing and/or sustainability

  • You’re passionate about driving climate change initiatives and have a desire to work for a green tech company

  • You’ve participated in an ESG or business course at a university

  • If you don’t fit these criteria then feel free to send us an email with the reasons why you’d be a good fit


  • Part-time role.

  • Maximum of 5-8 hours per week.

How You Can Apply

  • Apply Below

  • Include your CV and for extra points send a cover letter with 2-3 sentences on why you’d like to get involved and why you think you’d be a great fit.

  • Applications close on 28th February 2023.

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