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TikTok Internship Program

Get marketing and sustainability experience at a new green-tech startup.

About Kanopi

Kanopi is a green tech start-up that enables consumers to discover free, simple, and cost-saving ways to do their part for the planet while shopping.

Our new browser extension offers users discounts and cashback while shopping and helps tackle the climate crisis by contributing to environmental ESG initiatives for every purchase they make. Think of us like the Ecosia of shopping and Honey for the planet.

Opportunity (3 positions available)

We’re launching an exclusive three-month TikTok Intern Programme for London-based students studying sustainability, marketing, and videography. Only a select few will be chosen for this opportunity, with one position available in each area, to join our team and elevate our brand on TikTok, making a real impact on the planet.

This is the perfect opportunity for students who are looking for hands-on experience at a sustainable startup. NOTE: Sustainability and marketing student must be comfortable with featuring in videos.


  • Brainstorming content ideas

  • Capturing creation

  • Copywriting

  • Video Editing

  • Scheduling

  • Reporting

  • Engagement

Who It’s For

  • London-based students

  • Anyone not afraid to get on camera.

  • Passionate about driving climate change initiatives.

  • Desire to work for a green tech company.


  • Videography, marketing and sustainability experience on CV.

  • Opportunity to earn cash referral bonuses from viral content.

  • Monthly 1-1 sessions with the senior leadership team.

  • Opportunity for business mentorship.


  • Part-time (around 8-10 hours a week).

How You Can Apply

  • Apply Below

  • Include your CV and for extra points send a cover letter with 2-3 sentences on why you’d like to get involved and why you think you’d be a great fit.

  • Applications close on 10th February 2023.

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